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We've been producing our deer feeder units for years now, and we finally decided to add a tripod unit to our inventory.   And best of all, it cost one half to one third what other companies charges for similar units

EBAYERS...Save OVER $5 in cost by buying direct from our website

SO WHY A TRIPOD?: Stability and less hassles.  Using a feeder with four legs will result in having to  find a flat piece of terrain, whereas a tripod design, does not require this.  Think of it this way...four legs basically have an X, Y axis (draw a line from each set of the two opposite legs) which if you do not put a four legged feeder on a flat surface will result in rocking since one leg will be off the ground.  This results in additional stress on a four legged unit. A tripod instead, does not have this issue since the legs are equi-distance in a triangular pattern.  So you have less hassles of trying to find a flat spot, and avoid stressing your unit from rocking. 

This is a brand new tripod deer feeder kit.  This kit will include the following:


We include the leg brackets, however we offer this kit without the legs/pipes, in that it is a waste of YOUR money to ship them when you can purchase the exact same thing from any hardware store, or HomeDepot/Lowes.  Simply use desired length of 1"  - 1 1/2"metal piping (not conduit) for whatever height you desire the feeder to be.  The base of the legs will be roughly the following distance apart (straight line from each other) depending upon the leg lengths as follows:

Legs  Length / Height of Feeder Unit

Approximate distance between legs (straight line at base)

12" 21"
24" 27"
36" 33"
48" 39"
60" 45"

PLEASE: Read other peoples ebay auctions carefully as many of them look like they are selling full feeders, when in fact they may only be buying a motor or just some other component. ALSO...please watch out for those other guys charging you $35 or more for shipping.  They are simply overcharging you in shipping to make you think you get a lower price on the unit.

- SIZE MATTERS:  This unit holds 30 gallons of corn/feed.  A typical motor unit can put out 6lbs per feeding or 12 lbs per day.  So these bucket feeders some sell, which only hold 6 gallons of corn, will last you less than a week....possibly only three or four days.  Do you really want to be running back to fill your feeder every few days?  If your a smart hunter, you know that deer will pattern you and avoid the area instead.  Why not use a feeder which holds more than a full month supply of feed instead. 
  Also...gravity feeders may be cheap and that's exactly what they are...cheap JUNK.  A deer can empty a gravity feeder in only a few days, as well as the squirrels (tree rats as we call 'em), racoon's, etc.  Again, you'll be back in the woods, stinking the place up, when our feeders instead allow you to stay out of the woods for a month.

QUALITY COUNTS: Metal not Plastic.  Plastics can break down with age due to exposure to UV (sun) rays and can become brittle in cold weather.  Stress points on plastic barrels become exceptionally vulnerable in cold.  We've seen it ourselves personally on plastic barrels.  This is why we use a rust resistant metal barrel instead.  Even our own units which are three years old show no signs of stressing or cracking, so we can personally vouch for their longevity.

EXPERIENCE: We've used this basic concept for years, and simply modified it to accommodate a tripod.  We've used this basic design on our own hunting land so we know they work.  We apply our personal experiences (good and bad) to save you time and effort.

COST (of course): You can buy two to four of our units for what others sell one of theirs for.  Make sure when you compare prices, to add to their prices, the cost of buying a funnel and rain cap (around $52 including shipping) which our units incorporate already.  If you want more than one unit, we will do our best to offer a discount.

Payment: We request PAYPAL .  Simply put it expedites your order getting shipped.  If you want to purchase with a check or money order, we wait for check or money order to clear before we ship anything.

Shipping: We ship all kits via UPS and insure it for the first $100 for free.  You get tracking number the day it ships so you can find out when to expect your unit.  Buyer responsible for all shipping cost.  Most units arrive in three or four days once shipped.  Our shipping is only $24 dollars and this includes $100 free insurance.  If we can ship units to a business address, this will also reduce your cost even more.  AGAIN...Look out for those other guys charging you $35 or more in shipping. NO LOCAL PICK UPS PLEASE

FEEDBACK: For e-bayers...we leave feedback for you as soon as you leave positive feedback for us.  We find that so many people do not take the time to leave feedback, so we will wait until we get yours.  This feedback helps us all so please leave your positive feedback promptly.

TOUGH: No we wouldn't recommend using our feeders as a hunting stand, but we wanted to prove their strength capabilities so we put 100lbs of stuff inside the feeder and then had one of our "associates" sit on top of it (unit shown with leg brackets only...i.e. no leg pipes/extensions).  So the total weight on/in the unit was 280 lbs.  Try that with a plastic barrel.  OH YEAH....And don't wear sneakers hunting please...the deer will laugh at you.

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