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    We've done it again, and come up with our own leg brackets which allow you to make your own tripod (or quad-pod) feeder for less money.  Also with our brackets, you don't get stuck drilling holes in barrels where you don't want them.  We sell the brackets either without holes so you can customize the bracket to your needs, or we'll drill them in our normal configuration.  

Our leg brackets are 3/4" angle steel which allows you to use 1"- 1 1/2" round pipe for your legs extensions.  This allows you to decide the height you want and need, on your feeders.

We also include mounting hardware you'll need to make your own tripod feeder.(1/4" bolts, washers, nuts)

Using our brackets and a tripod configuration, legs will form a base which if a circle was drawn connecting the three points where the legs touch the ground, would have the approximate following diameter:

Length of leg extensions

"Diameter" of Legs Tripod



12" 24"
24" 30"
36" 36"
48" 42"
60" 48"

OUR PRICE for three(3) leg brackets is $16.99 or four(4) legs for $22.00

Here is what the other guys charge you:
Cabela's $21.99 (plus shipping)    OR    BassPro $19.99 (plus shipping)

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