Looking for an affordable daily rate ?

When you simply want a place to hunt for one or two days, here is the perfect opportunity for you.  No high priced fees, no work days, simply  come up to our land and hunt the amount you want.

2013: Our personal testimony...We've hunted at the Wollett's farm this year already and have taken one small buck (meat deer) but have seen several nice size deer as well.  In fact last year we also saw another nice eight pointer similar to the one killed in 2011 as shown below, but did not shoot the deer, instead leaving it for someone else. 

Book an affordable hunt, located 40 minutes from Raleigh... ncdeerman

Pictures of the farm this year...2014


Never Know what you'll find on the farm.....Taken in 2014















We only charge a small daily fee which allows you to hunt our farm, located in Hailfax county, North Carolina's number one deer harvest county.  Lodging is available also if you want to stay over and hunt several days.

CALL US FOR MORE INFO:  (252) 578-8111