Brand New Tree Mounted Deer Feeder 200lbs

Deer Feeder Motors: We also sell our deer feeder motors separately for those of you who want to build your own units...Click the following link to see our motors...DEER FEEDER MOTORS

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Our deer feeders are designed with whitetail deer hunting and hunters in mind.  We started building these for our needs, as well as North Carolina deer hunting friends, and soon we realized that these feeders were really what deer hunters wanted.  Affordable deer feeders that all deer hunting persons could afford.  We stand behind these units as an efficient way to help make your deer hunting more enjoyable and rewarding.

We have been manufacturing these units for four years now, providing local sportsman an affordable means to own several units.  Others charge you $250 (plus shipping) for a single unit, and still others charge you $150 (plus shipping), but don't include certain major components (i.e. barrels or funnels, rain caps, read their ads carefully).  We are hunters ourselves and through our necessity, we starting building our own units to save ourselves lots of money.  We typically hunt on 2000-5000 acres, so we need lots of units and simply couldn't afford to buy units at $200+ each.  

We have had so many out of state request over the past three years, which we previously declined because WE REFUSE TO WASTE YOUR MONEY on extreme shipping cost.  We have been looking for a feasible means to ship these units for over a year now and finally came up with an option which will keep cost reasonable for you.  So we are now offering these units for sale to others (out of state) besides the  local hunters we've been dealing with over the past four years.

Total Cost Including UPS Shipping Is $99.00 ...........

        YES!!!!...INCLUDING SHIPPING....

                (we even include FREE insurance, $100 max



Our units:

What you get:

What you will need:


FREE BONUS: We also includes a set of plans which allow you to build a feeder stand (for under $15) which allow you to use the feeder unit in areas where trees may not be abundant or on field edges as we do sometimes.  This is not required to use our units, however it simply provides another option for you to use your units in various places.

Picture is of one of our units up close so mounting system is not shown, in order to provide better detail of the barrel and motor unit.  We have changed from the motor shown, since the cost of the unit had increased by 30%.  We currently use a new brand of motor unit.




Please make sure you verify that they include a funnel, a rain cap, all leg assemblies, all mounting hardware, motor, barrel, winches, etc.  We've seen plenty of ebay auctions where seller shows a complete unit, but then in their text they disclose that they don't include legs, barrel, winch, motor, or some other part which ends up cost you alot more money to get your unit up and running.  Our units include everything you need to make a 100% functional unit except for corn and battery.  The only thing you'll need to buy for ours is a piece of 2x4 (under $3), which again helps reduce shipping cost.

AGAIN...Do not buy units only holding a few gallons.  A 6 second motor run time of a typical unit throws about  2lbs of corn/feed, which occurs twice a day at least, meaning 4lbs of feed each day. Corn weighs roughly 7lbs per gallon.  This means a six gallon container only holds enough feed for roughly 10 days.  Ask yourself if you want to be bothered every ten days with filling a feeder, which also means disturbing the deer every ten days.  Our units have a capacity of 30 gallons, which means almost a two months supply at the same rate of feed.


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