Saskatchewan River Hunting Camps Ltd. (12/26/07)

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1529 East Heights
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Canada S7J 3B4
phone or fax (306) 374-3223

  Are you interested in some of the best hunting and fishing that Canada has to offer?...Are you looking for a well planned experience that will exceed your wildest expectations? If the answer is YES, you have come to the right place!…

Be our guests at our deluxe lakeside lodge or go on an adventure to our remote and rustic outpost camp.

Fantastic spots open for the 2008/2009 Season! Deluxe lakeside fishing lodge located on Tobin Lake – “Where the big ones keep getting bigger!”

Check out website for the following hunting and fishing packages:

  • Northern Pike and Walleye packages for the fisherman who wants huge fish

  • Amazing Black Bear Hunting

  • Great Whitetail Hunting

  • Some of the world’s best Waterfowl Hunts

  • New for 2008/2009 - Black Bear and Northern Pike Spring or Fall Combo

  • NEW! - Upland Bird & Fishing Combo

All of the whitetail hunters who come up to our lodge see deer... that's easy! The challenge is to be in the right place when your "big one" comes in!

Saskatchewan is home to the 'Dakota' strain of whitetail deer, the largest Whitetail in North America! We offer you a great chance at these trophy antlered deer using a rifle.

Serious whitetail hunters who are looking for a challenge of hunting Northern Whitetail will love our setting! The elements in Saskatchewan (weather) can test even the most seasoned hunters. If you can get your trophy here, you have proven yourself anywhere!


For added comfort, we have over 70 stands for our whitetail hunting guests, 54 of which are insulated and heated. The remainder are ladder stands or tree stands, spread over an area of more than 500 sq. miles on the North side of Tobin Lake. If you are a hunter who has always wanted to hunt for the BIG Canadian Deer, but thought the cold would get to you - here is your chance to try hunting with us and stay warm!

In the past 19 years, the largest Non-typical whitetail has been 214 6/8 NT & 213 4/8 NT, the largest typical has been 188 Typical and they are getting bigger thanks to our big game management plan.
We have harvested some very old trophy animals from the area. The oldest whitetail to date is 10 and a half years, with many in the five and a half to seven and a half year range. The largest circumference at the bases on a whitetail was eight inches. Yes, 8 inches!


Last fall, many repeat clients noticed an increase of intermediate bucks - good stock for the future!

Hunters looking for 150 typical or larger whitetail should choose our 11 day hunt. The extra time gives you not only more time to hunt for larger deer, but it takes the pressure off so you can enjoy yourself, the lodge, and the people that are helping you to get the animal you are looking for.


Deer harvest is limited each year, resulting in high numbers of big animals harvested. We choose the best possible times during the season to increase your hunting success.

This is the start of the 9th year of an allocated outfitting area for big game. This means no other outfitter can trespass on our area, increasing your chance of success!


We travel to the hunting area Sunday and return to Saskatoon the following Saturday (7 day package).
Please take a look at excellent packages and pricing for whitetail deer hunts.



Bear harvest is limited each year, resulting in high numbers of big animals being harvested. The largest Black Bear to date is 606 lb. We have also harvested some very old trophy animals. The oldest to date is a 32 year old black bear (the current provincial age record) with many bears in the 10 to 15 year range. If you are hoping for a trophy black bear of an unusual color, you have come to the right place! We harvest a high percentage of color bears (cinnamon, brown etc.)
This is the start of the 9th year of an allocated outfitting area for big game. This means no other outfitter can trespass on our area, increasing your chance of success!





If you are interested in a real hunting experience, you must try one of our spring Black Bear Hunts.  We run both deluxe lodge hunts and remote hunts for Black Bear.


For years, our clients have been asking us for a good quality Saskatchewan bird hunt. The challenge has always been securing hunting areas within a strong fly-way with minimal driving time between our base camp and the hunting areas.

After many years of research, we are glad to report that we have secured such an area, and can now offer you quality bird hunts in a region south of Saskatoon which includes all 4 major fly-ways:

- The Pacific fly-way
- The Central fly-way
- The Mississippi fly-way
- The Atlantic fly-way

All of our packages are 3 day hunts: Monday - Wednesday or Wednesday - Friday.  We supply all transportation while hunting, well stocked decoy trailers and pop-up blinds. We have full time bird spotters to locate our birds and we maintain radio communication with all our staff in the field at all times. We include 20 bird preparations per hunter with our package. Not included is your hunting license, tax, bird preparation over 20 birds, and airfare.

Expect to be up by 3 or 4 a.m. on our goose hunts. We have over 2500 sq. miles of  privately owned bird hunting land South of Saskatoon.  Our hunting area holds one of the highest concentrations of snow geese in the world. Operating from motels, we can keep close to the birds all season long.

What more can we say about our Geese and Duck hunts? BRING LOTS OF SHELLS!

Our new 5600 sq. ft. deluxe lakeside lodge has been open to clients since May 1997. The 2 storey lodge is nestled in the trees within throwing distance of the lake and boasts 12 bedrooms, 16 bathrooms, and a large dining room with panoramic view of the lake on the second level.

Most bedrooms are equipped with 1 or 2 pairs of bunk beds, and a small clothing storage area. All rooms have a private bathroom and some have a double bed for the comfort of couples. The dining area has hardwood floors and the lodge has a natural pine interior throughout to give that rustic feel with all the comforts of home, and then some!




We want you to come up, relax and leave the work to us!  We provide excellent food, panoramic lakeside views, trained professional staff, and a natural wild setting with big game at the doorstep. A wide variety of wildflowers, birds, small mammals and invertebrates call the area home, as well.

Saskatchewan River Hunting Camps Ltd.

1529 East Heights
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Canada S7J 3B4
phone or fax (306) 374-3223