Venison and Grape Kabobs

2 pounds of venison cut in cubes about 3/4" square (can use any cut. Cubes from shoulder roast may be used or boneless loin.)
2 pounds seedless grapes, red and/or green
Olive Oil
Knorr multi herb spice or some equivalent
8" wooden Kabob Sticks
Deep porcelain Bowl

The Venison should be cut in cubes the size of the grapes. Use any cut of meat. As soon as you cut the meat put it in the bowl with olive oil. The meat should be covered with oil at all times and stored in a refrigerator to prevent discoloration. As you prepare the brochettes start with a grape and alternate grape meat grape meat. Alternate colors of grape to give a more visual effect. Use five grapes and four pieces of meat per brochette (about 50 grams of meat). Always start and finish with a grape. This holds together better. The assembled brochettes will by very oily. They should be stored in a deep tray with wax paper between rows of brochettes. Sprinkle each with a spice as you prepare them.

Grill the brochettes on a hot bar-b-que. They should be turned constantly and grilled such that each visible side of a cube is seared and no red meat is showing. As always with venison, do not overcook. Serve immediately.

Recipe from Blue Bonnet Venison Farms Recipes