Convenient to Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Chapel Hill 

Are you a first time firearms owner?

             Do you prefer private or small group lessons?

                         Are you looking to learn initial/basic skills?

Objective: Our handgun firearms training focuses upon those that are either new or novices to firearms shooting.  Our goal is to provide you with basic firearms handling skills and to help you become confident with your initial shooting abilities. At the same time, we want all our students to have a good time and enjoy their time on the range and desire to progress in the shooting sports or through continued practice.

Training: Our handgun training sessions are informal and friendly.  We specialize in one on one training so that you get full attention, but we can also offer small group training.  We usually find that many new shooters are nervous in general when they start out shooting, so one of the first things we’ll work on is removing any anxiety as we want you to enjoy this experience, learn from it, and leave informed and wanting to shoot more.  

About Us: Our personal background includes, several years’ law enforcement background where we acheived first place in firearms qualifications, certified NRA Range Safety Officer, NRA Certified Instructor in Rifle, Pistol and Shotgun, years of firearms shooting. We have instructed all age groups from youngsters, college students, and adults.  

Lessons: We try and cater our lessons to each individual and what they are looking to achieve and learn. Our lessons can be either individual or more than one person. We do cover certain safety aspects with every lesson, and these are mandatory. Our lessons can be scheduled either on weekends or early evenings, and last a minimum of three (3) hours.  You can supply your own firearm and ammunition, or we can provide these for you for an additional fee.   If you have eye and ear protection, please bring it, otherwise we can provide basic items at no charge.

A typical lesson would be as follows:

·        Introduction and brief overview (15 Minutes)

·        Initial safety review, rules & regulations (15 minutes)

·        Aiming, dry fire, handling exercises (10 minutes)

·        Live fire exercises, slow pace, single shots at seven (7) yards (30 minutes)

·        Review and adjustments (5 minutes)

·        Live fire exercises either 7 or 15 yards (30 minutes)

·        Review and adjustments (5 minute)

·        Live fire exercises either 7, 15, or 25 yards (1 hour)

·        Final review and discussion (10 minutes)

Where:  All lesson are held locally just off Davis Drive, minutes from I-40, convenient to Raleigh, Cary, Chapel Hill, Durham.

Fees: We charge $100 for a three hour lesson (minimum).  This assumes you are providing firearm and ammunition. If we need to provide firearm(s) and/or ammunition this additional fee varies depending upon the firearm and ammunition since different calibers of ammunition cost different amounts. (i.e. .22 caliber ammunition cost around $5 for 50 rounds and .45 caliber ammunition cost around $18 for 50 rounds, so ammunition fees vary quite a bit). Let us know what caliber you want to shoot and we’ll figure fees.  Fees for using one of our firearms is $15 each, per lesson. Note: We do not allow individuals to use reloaded ammunition in our rental weapons.  We suggest you allow us to provide the ammunition if you are planning to use one of our firearms.



  We find that most new or novice shooters want to get on the range and try several different calibers so we offer the following which most seem to enjoy.  In fact several folks have taken this opportunity more than once.

The following is included in the total price of $175 (one shooter) or $225 (two shooters)

·        3 hour lesson covering safety, basic skills, and approximately 2 hours of firing time on the range.

·        Range fees

·        Safety glasses and hearing protection

·        Firearms Provided... We start off with .22 caliber pistol and/or revolvers, to help develop initial good habits and skills.  We then use several different makes/models and finally end up with.45 caliber (if you desire)

·        Ammunition (approximately 200-250 total rounds)


Other Items:  We do not allow viewers/visitors & non-shooters to attend, except if we are doing youth training and in this case we allow parents to attend and watch.  All individuals will be required to sign Release of Liability and Waiver forms.

We require a non-refundable $50 deposit in advance to reserve a date for firearms training lessons.  This $50 is applied to (i.e. subtracted from) the final cost of your lesson.  Due to laws & regulations you must legally be allowed to possess or handle a firearm in order to take our courses (i.e. no previously convicted felons or illegal immigrants...this is NC & Federal law)

Contact Information:


PHONE: (919) 337-8038---Please leave message if we are not able to answer your call