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W.W. Outfitters, Inc. take pride in providing our guests with the most successful and memorable big game hunts available. Whether you are after trophy elk hunting, mule deer, whitetail deer our experienced guides will lead you there. We provide the very finest Montana hunts, and do have guaranteed hunts available for elk as well. If it's big game you're after, WW Outfitters can put you in the right area to fill your tag.

Bitter Root Mountains
  Enjoy the spectacular spring colors of the Bitter Root Mountains while glassing for Elk and Deer feeding on the hillsides or along the side of a road. The color changes of the foliage is breathatking this time of year. The success rates of these western hunts are extremely high.


Elk Hunts
  WW Outfitters offer quality Montana elk hunts on private and national forest land. In western Montana we rifle and archery hunt the pristine Bitter Root National Forest. This area has been producing good bulls for our clients for years. In eastern Montana we offer a guided archery only elk hunts during the rut on limited access private land. The hunts on private land increase your chances for an older mature trophy bull elk. Which ever you choose you will find we provide the very best in Montana elk hunting, and we do have guaranteed hunts available as well.

Elk Rifle Hunts:   For the hunters who prefer to hunt with a rifle, our western Montana rifle hunts are for you. The elk herds are resident to this area and do not migrate out during either of the seasons. 

Elk Archery:   If you choose an archery hunt, you can take a cow or bull elk, a mule deer . On a rifle hunt you can take a bull, a whitetail or mule deer buck (through the end on November) and a black bear. After a fulfilling day of hunting, we wind down with some memorable tales of the day, a good meal, a hot shower, TV, and comfortable beds.  These hunts run from late September to late November. There are 7 day hunts. There are 5 days of hunting, plus 2 days to get in and out. The price of the hunt includes lodging, transportation to and from the Missoula Airport. It also includes fuel costs, meals, and 1 guide for every 2 hunters. Please note that our prices do not include the license fees

Private Ranch hunts:    If trophy book quality is what you are looking for we offer excellent archery hunts on limited access private land in eastern Montana. You could see more big bulls than you have ever seen. It is not uncommon to see a 350 Boone & Crockett and better bull. The ranches we hunt range in size from 1600 to 20,000 acres.   We try and limit the number of hunters we take to ensure we have trophy bulls year after year. The best bull we have taken has been 394 4/8 gross. Also, on this hunt you have the opportunity to take a very nice deer. We have a lot of guys see Boone & Crockett mule deer.

Mule Deer Hunting:
  If you want a trophy Mule Deer buck for the wall of your den then W.W. Outfitters, Inc. is your best bet. Because of our reputation for excellence much of our business is repeat customers. In addition, some our customers are hunting professionals who come to film television programs and write articles. We provide some of the finest Montana Mule deer hunting available . Our experienced hunting guides know the land we hunt and will do their best to help you fill your tag. We offer both archery and rifle hunts with one guide for two hunters or one-on-one if you prefer.

  Our good reputation as a Montana hunting guide has help to gain us access to prime Montana hunting land and also allows us to offer quality muley hunts at an affordable price. The private land we guide on in Eastern Montana supports a good population of quality mule deer. The private ranches we hunt range in size from 1,600 to 20,000 acres. These areas consists of ravines, draws and grasslands which is prime habitat for monster muleys.

  The muleys we see and take range from 19 to 30 inch inside spreads and occasionally bigger. As a responsible hunting guide we prefer to take bucks that have reached full maturity. This helps to ensure that our hunters will continually be able to take bucks with true trophy racks year after year.
  The method of hunting mule deer will vary with the particular terrain we are hunting. We normally travel by way of 4 wheel drive vehicles to and from the hunting areas. Typically we hunt out of blinds and we spot and stalk. Let us know if you have any special needs or accommodations.

  We have a Mule Deer or Whitetail Deer hunt which can be archery or rifle. The well managed ranches have an excellent population of both species. You choose your species in the field. Because of the quality of the deer on this private property, it's a tough choice to make! There is no shortage of trophy bucks of both species. Reserve your spot early.

Antelope and Mule Deer Combination Hunts:
  If quality and value is what you are looking for we offer excellent Antelope and Mule Deer combination hunts. Our hunters annually take some outstanding Pope and Young Antelope bucks and we are looking forward to another excellent season. We offer both bow and rifle hunts on these well managed properties. These are five day hunts with one guide per two hunters. Call today and reserve your spot for the hunt of a lifetime.

  If quality is what you are looking for, this trophy Antelope hunt is for you. We take Pope and Young Antelope bucks every year and even see larger. We hunt from ground blinds and tree stands over the water holes. Antelope hunts are a great hunt for the wife and kids. We provide the meals, lodging, fuel, and transportation to and from Billings airport. The price DOES NOT include the license fee. These are four day hunts with one guide per two hunters. We offer both archery and rifle hunts. Call and reserve your spots today our pricing is very affordable.

  The area we hunt in Montana's eastern plains support a good population of quality pronghorn antelope. This swift animal with legendary eye sight is a real challenge and will provide you with an exciting hunt. They are known to exceed speeds of 40 miles per hour at a full run. Whether you you choose a bow or rifle hunt you can expect a lot of action when you take on one of these speedsters. Want more? Double your fun with one of our combo hunts.

  Please note that all prices are based on the best information available at this time and are subject to change. Each hunt in Western Montana includes pickup and return to the Missoula airport if the hunter arrives at the scheduled date and time. Each hunt includes one day in and one day out.

Elk Archery - Private land (fair chase)
8 days
Elk/Deer Combo Rifle or Archery (National Forest)
7 days
Mule or Whitetail Deer Rifle or Archery - Private land
5 days
Antelope Rifle or Archery - Private land
5 days
Additional Days  
Non-hunting guests  
One-on-one guide      

All hunts include one day in and one day out. Dates are subject to change by the Fish and Game Commission. Our prices DO NOT include hunting license.

A 1/2 (one half) deposit is required at booking with the balance due 30 days prior to your hunt. Deposits are non refundable under any circumstances. Only cash, certified check, or money orders are accepted. No personal checks except for deposit.

Hunters will arrive and depart between 12:00 noon and 2:00 PM mountain time on the scheduled day listed on the contract. All others will have to rent a motel at your own expense and we will pick you up at the regularly scheduled time of arrival and departure.


Our goal is provide you with an excellent hunt and make the experience as fulfilling and memorable as possible. We have a long list of happy customers that will gladly provide you with references on our abilities. Call us today and reserve your spot. We look forward to hunting with you.


 WW Outfitters, Inc.
PO Box 1919
Hamilton, Montana 59840
Phone (406) 360-0020