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Lynn Buswell  (10/20/07)
Phone: 319-213-0991
P. O. Box 172
South Amana, Iowa 52334


  Bucks-n-Ducks was formed by 2 friends, both Trophy whitetail and waterfowl hunting fanatics. We enjoy chasing monster Iowa whitetails and love the rush of watching decoying birds coming into a perfectly set decoy spread. We are located in Southeastern Iowa. We guide our hunts in "our own backyard" we have hunted these areas our entire lives.  We also have over 13 years of experience as professional guides and have guided hunters across the nation.
  As most hunters know, Iowa is the big buck hotspot at this time. We offer outstanding genetics, perfect habitat and great food sources. Our deer quality is some of the best in the nation.
  We are also known nationwide for our guided waterfowl hunts. We hunt the Mississippi flyway. Mallards, gadwall, widgeon, wood ducks, blue& green winged teal, as well as many species of Diving ducks that also pass thru this area. Canadian geese migrate by the 1000's and we winter many large flocks of locals. Our Spring snow goose hunts in NW Missouri are legendary.
  When you book a hunt with us you are buying experience, Bucks-n-Ducks is what we do and have done for over 13 years. Most hunts include lodging, please give us a call we love to talk bucks n ducks. We have one purpose here, we make memories that will last a lifetime.

Lynn Buswell and Greg Neyman


DUCK HUNTS:d Puddle Ducks and Diver Duck Hunts

  We have over 35 years experience hunting Iowa's waterfowl.  Bucks-n-Ducks employees are the areas most knowledgeable waterfowl hunters and the best callers. Our waterfowl hunts are fully guided from 2 custom built 20' boats.  Heaters, stoves and TV are all part of the set-up.  Some hunts are also guided from comfortable bank blinds. The field hunts are guided from Avery layout or bale blinds.  Large spreads of GHG decoys are the norm.  We go where the birds are and spend countless hours scouting to put clients on birds day in and day out. 

We also offer a "no bird" cancellation policy or change of date policy if there are no birds in the area during the time of your scheduled hunt.  Remember these are migratory waterfowl and slow days occur, even with birds in the area.  All hunts include a blind breakfast and lodging, full day hunts also include a hot lunch.

Duck Hunting Rates: Fully guided hunt, lodging and blind breakfast
Full Day Hunt- $250 /per hunter, also includes a hot lunch
1/2 Day Hunt (til noon): $165 / per hunter

All Inclusive 3 day Hunt-$900.00/per hunter,fully guided, Lodging, Home cooked meals.

  Our spring snow goose hunts take place on leased fields in NW Missouri near Squaw Creek NWR and SE Nebraska. These areas see over 1 million light geese on their spring migration North. With over 11 years of experience hunting/guiding the spring conservation order season, we know spring snows. We use large, custom spreads of northwinds, sillosocks, various shell decoys and GHG full bodies.  This assures that we get us noticed by the birds.  There is No Pass Shooting on these hunts, we only kill decoying birds.  Electronic callers and unplugged guns are allowed.  There is a $6.00 license fee in Missouri and a $65.00 license fee is Nebraska.  We are now running 2 fields and are able to accommodate groups of up to 20 hunters at one time.  Groups of 8 or more get their own field.  Smaller groups will be mixed in with other groups to fill dates.  These hunts Do NOT include meals or lodging.  We do however assist hunters in locating rooms near our hunt areas.  There is a lot of hype created around the spring snow goose hunts.  We are highly successful, but WE DO NOT GUARANTEE BIRDS. Slow days are part of hunting and do occur. These are fair chase hunts for migrating birds. When you book a hunt with us you are paying for an experienced guide, access to our hunting areas, the use of top notch equipment and POTENTIAL!

Spring Snow Goose Hunting Rates: Fully guided hunt, no lodging or meals included

Full Day Hunt- $160.00 / per hunter for groups of 7 or less
Full Day Hunt- $140.00 per hunter for groups of 8 or more


BUCKS-n-Ducks offers a fantastic semi-guided whitetail deer hunt in southeast, Iowa.  This is the destination of true Trophy Whitetail Hunters. Opportunities to take P&Y (125") as well as B&C (170") class bucks are available on these hunts. We only allow 4 Archery Deer Hunters and 4 Season 1 Shotgun Deer Hunts per year on our managed leases. Most leases have been in QDM for at least 10 years and have established food plots. All hunts are semi guided and include lodging. Semi-guided means stands are set and scouting is done prior to your arrival. We are located in Iowa’s Zone #7.


With over 30 years of whitetail deer hunting experience be rest assured we understand big bucks and how to take them. To date our head guide has taken 11 P&Y bucks and 5 gun kills netting over 150". When you book a hunt with us you are hunting unpressured deer on managed leases. All hunts are fair chase and although Iowa is a hot spot, success still depends upon the individual hunter’s ability. Our archery rut hunts are some of the best in the nation.

Whitetail Deer Hunting Rates:

Semi-Guided Whitetail Deer- Lodging Included

5 Day Archery Hunt- $2,000.00 / per hunter

5 Day Shotgun Hunt, (Season 1)- $2,500.00 / per hunter



Lynn Buswell
Phone: 319-213-0991
P. O. Box 172
South Amana, Iowa 52334