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    Xtreme Management Hunts LLC. offers exclusive fully guided and semi-guided Trophy Whitetail hunts and Turkey hunts. We are located in Pike County Illinois and Southeast Iowa. The mid-west's premier Trophy Whitetail Hunting locations. Firearm hunts and Archery hunts are offered on a limited basis to maintain a low pressure hunting environment. Extensive management practices and maintaining year round nutrition with various food plots ensure our Trophy Whitetail Deer and Turkey develop to their full potential. We are now using our same conservation and trophy management techniques to exclusive hunting locations on Iowa Trophy Hunts as has been proven on our Illinois Deer Hunts. 
   Illinois Deer Hunting is provided on exclusive managed property which has been under strict trophy management for many years providing our hunters with high success on mature whitetail bucks.
    Iowa whitetail hunts provide exposure to similar Trophy Whitetail Deer and Turkey. Iowa deer hunts are limited due to the availability of permits from the state so contact us today about these exclusive hunts.

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    Our hunts are fully and semi-guided meeting the needs of our hunters. Stands are pre-hung in pre-scouted areas ready to hunt the first day of your hunt. Our hunts usually begin with your arrival on Sunday morning for orientation of your hunting area and stand locations. You can hunt Sunday afternoon through Friday morning departing on Friday evening. Lodging is provided with each hunt at our camps with all house keeping needs provided. All you need is your own food. Additional nights of lodging are an additional charge and subject to prior approval. We will do our best to provide you with an enjoyable hunting experience. Contact us today for The Hunt of a Lifetime! HUNT Pike County Illinois whitetails and Iowa trophy Deer!

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    Turkey hunts are fully guided on 4000 acres of prime Illinois habitat.  Hunts are offered in a 2 day hunt package for $500 with additional days available at $250 per day.  Success rates are high.

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    As any good guide service must have, we have numerous past customers willing to provide you with references about our services.  Please click the following link to see these...Our Reference list

25226 County Hwy. 13, New Canton, IL 62356  (217) 430-2695
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