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- Not a cheap gravity feed unit which spreads disease and can be emptied in a day/week.
- Not a cheap PVC feeder which squirrels and raccoons destroy.
- Ours is motorized to put out feed daily and develop patterns
- After producing one unit, you recover your cost, in comparison to buying units (see comparison).
- Our unit holds a months worth of corn/feed, others only hold a weeks worth.
- No damage to trees. No nails or hanger units required.  We mean 100% complete.


WHY: Whether you hunt on 50 or 5,000 acres, feeder cost can add up quickly.  We started noticing the high cost of buying deer feeders so we decided to do something about it.  The following is the prices we came up with from Cabela's and Bass Pro (see comparison). Don't forget, that after producing only one unit you will recover your investment cost.

WHO: If you have the slightest of mechanical skills and a spare hour or two, you can build these.

WHAT:  We include the following items which will help you produce as many of these units as you desire.
-Detailed drawings
-Detailed instructions
-Parts list

HOW:  Follow our simple instructions and you should be able to produce units in one or two hours.  Tools you'll need include:
-Electric drill and bits
-Tin snips
-Wrench set/Pliers
-Open end wrench set (possibly)
-Razor or knife
-Saw (Electric or hand)

COST:  We are charging $15 for the complete set of plans.  Don't forget, when you produce your first  unit, you'll save more than ten times this much versus buying from others. Of course all drawings contain copyrights and may not be reproduced, transferred or sold.  

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