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Alpine Outfitters
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General Info About Us:
Alpine Outfitters is a full time, full service, outfitting company, that prides itself on honest service and repeat clients. As professional outfitters, we want you to experience a relaxing and enjoyable hunt in an area with great game and surrounded by good friends.

Our spring black bear, winter wolf, whitetail deer and elk hunts are quite popular. We provide excellent service and take many rifle and bow hunters each year for our excellent hunts. The areas we hunt have been selected for the quality of the game - both in numbers of animals and the trophy quality. We hunt areas that have little or no resident hunting pressure this ensures that the quality of your experience is of the highest standard.

Black Bear Hunts: We offer archery and rifle spring bear hunts over bait. The chance of getting a trophy bear is very good. It is common to see bears between 6 and 7 feet in many color phases from blonde, cinnamon, chocolate, to black.

Whitetail Deer Hunts: We offer bow hunts and rifle hunts for whitetail deer in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. You can expect to see deer in the 140-180+ point range. We average a buck per year over 180 points. In 2005 we took 4 bucks over 170 pts.

Elk Hunts: Our elk hunts are during the start of the rut in the bow season on a mix of government and privately owned land. The size of elk we will hunting is between 250 and 350 pt. 5X5 and 6X6's. It is an exciting time to hear the elk bugling and to call them into bow range.

Winter Wolf Hunts: We offer winter wolf hunts for the rifle hunter and bow-hunter in northwestern Alberta. We have been consistently successful in providing our hunters with multiple opportunities to get a wolf.

Ground Squirrel/Gopher Hunts: This is an exciting and fun hunting experience. Gopher hunts are available in June/July and it is a great way to get some serious shooting in and enjoy the Alberta scenery.

As professional outfitters, we want you to experience a relaxing, successful hunt. This ensures that our clients and friends return to hunt with us year after year. If you are interested in joining us for an unforgettable black bear, whitetail deer, elk, wolf and/or gopher hunt. please contact us to book your next hunting trip.

Our Spring Bear hunts are a great time to get away, enjoy a relaxing hunt and see a lot of trophy bears. The chance of getting a nice bear is very good. We have killed many bears between 7 and 8 feet, our best being over 8 feet. We run our bear hunts from a tent camp northeast of Peace River, Alberta. This is a two bear zone with many color phased bears ranging from blond, cinnamon, chocolate to black and many trophy bears.

Bear hunts take place in the late afternoons and evenings from ground blinds and tree stands. In Alberta there are approximately eighteen hours of daylight at this time of the year, so shooting light does not end until 10:30 - 11:30pm. You can expect your shots to be 20-50 yards with a rifle and 16-25 yards for bow hunters. All hunting is done over bait sites which have been set up in advance.


Our bear camp offers many conveniences to make your outdoor experience more comfortable. Our camp is entirely self-contained, with wood heated sleeping tents for two, a large cooking/eating tent with a stainless steel kitchen, all the conveniences a cook could wish for. Electric lights and a propane heated shower. We do all we can to provide comfortable accommodation even in the remote area we hunt.


Wolf licenses are included in our black bear hunts.
Fishing for Northern Pike and Walleye is available in season.

Our whitetail deer hunting zone is a mix of agricultural land and forest in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Prior to your hunt, the area will have been scouted and tree stands and ground blinds put into place. These stands and blinds are primarily located in a forest of deciduous and coniferous trees with many cut-blocks and pipelines. You can expect to see whitetail deer in the 140-180+ point range. We average a buck per year over 190 points. Our goal is to try and harvest bucks 150+ in size.


Whitetail Bow hunts
Whitetail bow hunts run August 25th to September 16th. This time of the year the bucks are in their bachelor groups and are very easy to pattern. We can take up to four hunters per week on this 2 on 1 hunt. We be bow hunting the big whitetail deer over grain and alfalfa fields on private land.

Whitetail Rifle Hunts
The rifle whitetail hunts are in November when the bucks are in the rut. We hunt by calling, rattling, and stand hunting. We hunt close to the doe herds, as the bucks will travel large areas in search of hot does. Because of the lack of hunting pressure and the heat of rut, the bucks will move all day in search of does. We have our hunters hunt all day so as to maximize their hunting time and increase their success rate. We use good equipment and quality stands to ensure our hunters remain warm and comfortable during their hunt.

Our elk hunt is during the start of the rut in the bow season on a mix of government and privately owned land. The size of elk we will be looking for is between 250 and 350 pt 5X5 and 6X6's. It is an exciting time to hear the elk bugling and to call them into bow range. This is a ten-day hunt in order to have a good chance at getting a good shot at an elk and whitetail.

We offer winter wolf hunts in northwestern Alberta. Our six day wolf hunts run from January to March each year. We have been guiding wolf hunts since 1996. During that time, we have been consistently successful in providing our hunters with opportunities to harvest wolves and coyotes. Our success has been about 90%, with some hunters having multiple opportunities to take a wolf.

In wolf hunting, it is vital that the guide have an intimate understanding of the area, as well as know the travel habits of the various wolf packs. For these reasons, Hunts are conducted from our home in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains - an area where I grew up and where I have continually hunted wolves. This hunt is conducted from our lodge 40 minutes from Grande Prairie. To see pictures of the accommodation see Camp - Whitetail deer. The use of logging and oil roads in the area gives us access to large areas of country, even in the deep snows of winter. Many of the areas we hunt adjoin private ranches where wolf and coyotes regularly prey on cattle. Therefore, the landowners are more than happy to assist us and allow us to operate on their property


Wolf hunts take place at baited sites with heated blinds. Tracking and calling of wolf packs is also effective when conditions are favorable. Expect your shots to be 200 yards when sitting in a blind and closer when calling wolves or coyotes. While in your blind, the guides will be out looking for sign and checking the other baits, making sure that all hunters are in the best location to have a successful hunt. Temperature and snow conditions can vary greatly from year to year, with average snow depth of 16 inches and average temperature of 0 Fahrenheit. With the use of heated blinds, it is possible to hunt comfortably in the cold weather.

There is no limit on the number of wolves or coyotes a hunter may take. All wolves and coyotes taken will be brought back to the lodge for skinning and salting.

Wolf Bow Hunts
We have successfully guided bow hunters for both coyote and wolf. Although it is a challenge, with the use of portable ground blinds and shoot-through screens, it is now very possible for a hunter to take a wolf. With the use of predator calls, calling a wolf into bow range is an experience long remembered.

Our high volume gopher hunts are done in the month of June as the pups are emerging from their dens and the grass is still short. With thousands of acres and thousands of gophers you can expect to shoot thousands of rounds ammo during your hunt. With our shooting wagon you can expect a comfortable and steady rest as you shoot, most shots are in the range of 10 feet to 200 yards +. With the high volume shooting we do, accurate 22's or 17's rimfire’s are the caliber of choice, There low recoil, cheap ammo, and low noise levels make them just right. We recommend the 17 Mach 2 as the best rimfire cartridge, Its low noise flat trajectory and economical price is exactly right for the Ground Squirrels of Alberta.

Richardsons Ground Squirrels are a burrowing animal that spends its winters in hibernation and its summers eating the grass and crops from the farms and ranches. They are about 4 ½ to 8 inches tall and 2 or 3 inches thick, not much bigger than a can of pop. With a good rifle you will be amazed at your improved accuracy, after a day of shooting hundreds of rounds at ranges up to 200 yards.

Hunters stay in a furnished Farmhouse located near the hunting area with meals and bedding provided. We can also provide rifles for rent and extra ammo will be on hand. Day’s start with a good breakfast on the farm then we drive out to the land selected for hunting that day. Gophers will come up most days around 9 am and stay up until 6pm, lunch will be in the field.

With the large numbers of gophers it is important that you bring extra magazines for your rifle at least 4 is best. Your guide will be busy spotting gophers for you as well as reloading magazines.