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Luxapallila Bucks & Beards

A Membership Hunting Club

Millport, Lamar County, AL  35576

Dale Robinson 
205-662-4144 Home
205-712-1509 Cell   
Carolyn Robinson
205-662-5470 Home
205-695-3129 Cell

Information About Our Club:
   Luxapallila Bucks & Beards is a pair of deer and turkey hunting clubs managed by Dale and Carolyn Robinson. We are located in Lamar and Pickens Counties in an area that Alabama Game & Fish Magazine rated as one of the states top whitetail hunting locations for 2006. Our aim is to provide our members with a quality outdoor experience that includes taking trophy bucks and big gobblers. We promote a family atmosphere and strongly encourage involving our youth in the hunting experience. They are the future of our sport!! After looking the clubs over, you can decide which one suits you best.or join both as some have done.

    The Clubs acreage is comprised of Robinson-family land with additional land leased from timber companies and individuals. The timber coverage is a varying age mix of pine plantations from fresh clear-cut to mature trees, hardwood bottoms and swamp. We have food plots with shooting houses; but members may use their own climbers, ground blinds, etc. We are still/stalk hunting only. Dog hunting is banned in Lamar County.

    Deer management principals are in place. We have the genetics. We plant summer and winter crops and provide mineral supplements to enhance nutrition. Our harvest rule is eight-point or better; but the intent is to let the young deer walk and only harvest mature bucks. We strongly encourage harvesting mature does to better the buck/doe ratio. If members and guests dont, we will have to!   

   Both clubs are near Millport, AL. Millport is an hour west of Tuscaloosa, north of Highway 82 and near the Mississippi line. Birmingham members take around two hours getting to camp. Each club has a good road system and is easy to access from paved highways. Both clubs have camp sites with water and power hookups for campers and RVs. We have cleaning sheds; but deer processors are nearby.

    There are no required work days; however, at member request, we do schedule a couple prior to the season.


North Club Facts:

      4,200 acres in Lamar County, northwest of Millport

      Club started in 2003 season

      Maximum membership is 25 people

      40+ food plots, most with two-man shooting houses

      2006-2007 harvest of 24 does and 10 bucks by 15 members

      Bucks taken scoring 134 and 147 5/8 B&C

      Members mostly from Birmingham, St. Clair County area

 South Club Facts:

      2,200 acres in Lamar and Pickens County, southwest of Millport

      Club started in 2004 season (with 2 members)

      Maximum membership is 16 people

      15+ food plots, most with two-man shooting houses

      2006-2007 harvest of 41 does and 14 bucks by 15 members

      No scored bucks yet; but theyre thereclub less than five miles from North Club

      Members mostly from Birmingham, Shelby and St. Clair County area

 Annual dues are $1,500 for deer, $500 for turkey; but we discount to $1,750 for someone wanting both memberships. There is no discount for joining both clubs. There are no other costs of membership. Electricity and water are currently free.

 If your spouse is an avid hunter, she/he will require a full membership. No discount for this situation either. Your children can hunt under your membership until they are out of your nest.

For your safety 

      Proper gun and bow safety practices must be followed


-         Vehicle/ATV speed limit on club roads 20 mph

-         No irresponsible driving that endangers members or damages roads

-         If road conditions warrant, only ATVs can be used

      Alcohol and Drugs

-         Consumption of alcohol is limited to the camp area. Returning to the hunting area for any reason after drinking is prohibited until the following day. Unsafe or offensive behavior will not be tolerated.

-         No use of illegal drugs

-         If taking Rx drugs that impair faculties, dont hunt!


      During the season, hunter orange will be worn at all times by anyone moving around club land outside the camping area.

       Members will check in and out of stands and areas. This means placing/removing your tag on/from the board and logging in/out of the Sign-In/Out Book.

       Children will hunt as follows:

-         15 years and under must hunt in the company of a supervising adult

-         16 18 years may hunt alone with a supervising adult on club land

-         Over 18 years may hunt without adult supervision with parents written permission

-         Requests for variances from this policy will be considered by Club Managers


Hunter Ethics

      Members will follow ethical hunting practices

      Members will abide by all State and Federal game laws. Failure to do so may result in loss of membership and forfeiture of dues. Illegal baiting is a cardinal sin! No Second Chances!


Deer Management

      Bucks harvested must have a total of at least 8 points; but the Club objective is to take mature bucks only3 years or better.

      Any and all deer harvested must be brought back to camp for weighing, ageing, photos, etc.

Each member is allowed one reasonable mistake per season. The next will cost you $150 and the third will take your membership with loss of membership dues. Guest goofs count against the hosting member.

      Members attempting to avoid penalties by leaving the deer, taking it away from the club, etc. will immediately forfeit their membership. 

      Members will be expected to harvest does in line with club needs


Hunting Stands

      Tagging-out for club stands cannot begin before 4:30 AM. Tags must be removed when the stand is vacated. If necessary, Club stands will be assigned by drawing for them each morning and afternoon

      Members may use their own climbing stands, tripods, ladder stands, ground blinds, etc. as long as their placement does not interfere with existing Club stands.

      All stands must be at least 20 yards from land lines of adjoining property.

      Club Managers reserve the right to place Club stands at their discretion.



      Members may bring guests except during the first week of bow season and the first two and last two weeks of gun season.

      The number of guests will be limited so that there are no more than 35 hunters on the North Club and 22 on the South Club at any given time.

      Guests may take only does. Guests taking bucks will pay a $300 trophy fee.

      Individual guests limited to five (5) days per season

      Guest fee is $25/day

      Guests will not preempt members in stand selection

      Guests are bound by the same rules as members



      Garbage take your camping trash home with you. Cans and bottles do not burnbag them and take them.

      Remove all wrappers, bottles, cigarette butts, shell casings, etc. from shooting houses as you leave them. Do not litter our roads and woods.

      Make sure all windows are down and doors latched when leaving shooting houses.

      Keep club gates locked after entering/exiting. The camp gate is an exception.

      Turn off all non-essential electrical items when you leave camp. If power usage continues to rise, we may have to consider a billing process.

Club Dues

       A deposit, currently $250, to reserve your membership for the following season is due by April 1, each year. It is refundable until May 31.

      The balance is due by July 31. If not paid or arrangements made, you will not be allowed to rejoin the club for the upcoming season.

      Guest fees and fines are due when imposed and delinquent after two weeks. Delinquent members lose their hunting privileges until fees and fines are paid.

Luxapallila Bucks & Beards

A Membership Hunting Club

Millport, Lamar County, AL  35576
Dale Robinson 
205-662-4144 Home
205-712-1509 Cell